Smoked Paprika


Rust red in colour with a unique smoky flavour, smoked paprika is a versatile seasoning used in countless Spanish recipes. Made from freshly harvested peppers and then smoked. Smoke paprika is sweet tasting with an intense smoked flavour.

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How to use

Sweet smoked paprika is a key ingredient in authentic paella. Beyond paella, it is an excellent spice to use for flavouring potatoes, stews and sauces. Sweet smoked paprika’s smoky, intense flavour is also fantastic with roasted meats, chicken or fish.


Paprika, Nature Identical Smoke Flavour (Salt used as a carrier).
Per 50g serving Per 100 g
Calories 660 kJ 1319 kJ

Total Fat

- Saturated Fat

6.3 g

1.2 g

12.6 g

2.4 g

Sodium 1620 mg 3240 mg

Total Carbohydrate

- Sugar

11.2 g

4.3 g

22.4 g

8.6 g

Protein 6.8 g 13.5 g