Organic Soup Legume Mix


A hearty wheat-free Organic Soup combo of dried legumes and pearl barley, full of colour and flavour; conveniently pre-mixed. All the ingredients in this mix are Certified Organic and contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Organic Soup & Legume Mix is a delicious addition to soups and hot pots, or chilled and added to salads and savoury dishes.

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How to use

Pre-soak this Organic mix for 4-6 hours, or overnight. Rinse and drain, then add to a large pot of cold water or stock (1 part mix: 5 parts liquid). Bring to the boil and then simmer gently until cooked (approx. 35 minutes). Chopped vegetables and seasoning can be added during this process, depending on their required cooking time; but salt should be avoided until legumes are tender as it can make ‘skins’ tough if used earlier. Alternatively; drain cooked barley and legume mix from cooking liquid and add to already prepared soups and hotpots. Pre-cooked soup mix can be kept refrigerated for several days. Chilled mix looks wonderful and tastes fantastic sprinkled over fresh salads and added to wraps. Use them in delicious home-made veggie burgers combined with smashed sweet potato, fresh herbs and besan flour. Or toss them in yummy noodle dishes.


Barley*, Green Lentils*, Yellow Split Peas*, Green Split Peas*, French Green Lentils*, Red Split Lentils*, Mung Beans*. *Certified Organic. Preservative Free, Non GMO, No Added Sugar.


This product contains Gluten. This product may contain traces of other Allergens.


Store in an air tight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration recommended in warm climates.

Shelf Life

Up to 24 months when stored as above. See Best Before date.


Serving size:                                           50 g

  Average Quantity


Per Serving

Average Quantity


Per 100 g




665  kJ


9.2 g

1330 kJ


18.3 g

Fat, total


- saturated


- sugars

1.1 g


0.2 g

25.0 g

0.9 g

2.1 g


0.3 g

49.9 g

1.7 g

Sodium 3 mg 6 mg