Cumin Seeds Whole


Cumin seeds add a nutty and peppery flavour to Indian and Middle Eastern cooking.

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How to use

To bring out the fullness of their aroma and flavour, you can lightly roast whole cumin seeds before using them in a recipe. They add a nutty and peppery flavour to chili and other Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes. The taste of cumin is a great complement to the hearty flavour of legumes such as lentils. Season healthy sautéed vegetables with cumin. Or make a cup of warming and soothing cumin tea by boiling seeds in water and then letting them steep for 8-10 minutes.


Whole Cumin Seeds.
Serving Size: 50g
Average Quantity

Per Serving
Average Quantity

Per 100g

1145 kJ

3.7 g
2290 kJ

7.4 g
Fat, total

- saturated 
- sugars
19.3 g

9.9 g
26.55 g
21.45 g
23 mg
38.6 g

19.8 g
53.1 g
42.9 g
45 mg