Almonds Blanched Whole


Delicious crunchy Australian grown Almonds are dry roasted then smothered in smooth silky Milk Chocolate, free of artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. A classic nut and creamy chocolate combination.

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How to use

Blanched whole almonds are ready to eat and add to recipes as is. Alternatively lightly toast them in a dry pan, on a low heat, to add extra colour and toasty flavour. They can be easily chopped or diced; or ground for fresh Almond Meal. Almonds are great in muesli and granola, or roughly chop and sprinkle them over porridge or yoghurt. A ready to eat snack, they are a delicious ingredient in trail mixes - with seeds and dried fruit. These almonds are conveniently pre-blanched and ready to add to home baked goods. Use them in muesli bars, seed and nut bread, biscuits, muffins and fruit cake recipes. They are a traditional decoration for festive cakes. Toasted blanched almond are a perfect crunchy topping for banana splits, ice cream sundaes, puddings, salads, stir fries and hotpots.


Whole Blanched Almonds. Preservative Free, Non GMO, No Added Sugar. Paleo.


This product contains Tree NutsThis product may contain traces of other Allergens.


Store in an air tight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration recommended in warm climates.

Shelf Life

Up to 12 months when stored as above. See Best Before date.  


Serving size:                                           30 g

  Average Quantity


Per Serving

Average Quantity


Per 100 g




792  kJ


6.5 g

2640 kJ


21.6 g

Fat, total


- saturated


- sugars

16.8 g


1.4 g

2.6 g

1.1 g

56.1 g


4.6 g

8.5 g

3.8 g

Sodium 1 mg 4 mg
  2.0 g 6.6 g